Ptosis Surgery for Drooping Eyelids

“I use an analogy about correction of ptosis compared with routine upper eyelid surgery. I say it’s like piloting a plane compared to driving a car.”  – Dr. Amiya Prasad

Ptosis refers to the drooping of the upper eyelid due to the supporting muscles not being strong enough to raise the eyelid properly.

Ptosis surgery may be necessary when the ptosis has caused the eyelid to partially or completely block vision. The most common type of ptosis in adults is “involutional ptosis”, and results from the stretching or thinning of the supporting eyelid muscles, the levator muscle (specifically the levator aponeurosis), which is responsible for lifting the eyelid.

The drooping eyelids can occur slowly over time, and people assume that the eyes have gotten smaller. It can also be seen in younger people since it is sometimes congenital. For people dealing with ptosis, changing eyeglasses and undergoing other surgeries (i.e. cataract surgery) will not solve the issue; however, eyelid ptosis surgery can improve vision and appearance. Surgical correction of ptosis is a technically-advanced procedure and requires years of experience, so be sure to seek out a specialist to do your ptosis surgery.

Dr. Amiya Prasad Discusses on How Eyelid Ptosis is Defined

Before & After Photos of Dr. Prasad’s Ptosis Surgery Cases

ptosis surgery for age related ptosis

Ptosis related to aging.

ptosis surgery for disease related ptosis

Ptosis related to a disease.

ptosis surgery for congenital ptosis

Congenital ptosis (born with drooping eyelid).

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Dr. Amiya Prasad Discusses How to Address Congenital Ptosis

Dr. Amiya Prasad Talks About the Causes of Eyelid Ptosis and Specialization of Ptosis Surgery

Dr. Amiya Prasad Discusses How Eyelid Ptosis is Diagnosed

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