Dr. Amiya Prasad: Oculofacial plastic surgeon – eyelid expert

Dr. Amiya Prasad | Cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic SurgeonNew York City-based oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad, M.D. is an expert in eyelid surgery with extensive experience treating under eye bags and hooded eyes, with over 20 years of practicing routine and specialized eyelid surgery. Dr. Prasad is Board-certified with American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and a Fellow of The American Society of Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery(ASOPRS). He has received special training in eye microsurgery as well as cosmetic surgery of the eyelids and the orbit (the bones that surround the eye).

  • Diplomate, American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Fellow, American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Examiner, American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Secretary, American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Board of Trustees, American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Board of Directors, Cosmetic Surgery Foundation

People come from all over the world for Dr. Prasad’s artistic, precise, and natural-looking approach with under eye bags, as well as other cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures of the eyes and face. If your puffy eye bags are making you tired of looking tired, or making you look older than you actually are, or are frustrated with under eye creams and treatments that don’t work, Dr. Prasad can help you look like you never had eye bags.

Treating Puffy Eyes & Under Eye Bags

Eyelift plastic surgery or blepharoplasty is an art, as achieving natural-looking results requires a masterfully deft touch. The thin, sensitive skin around and under the eyes is one of the most complex areas to work with, as successful surgery is measured in millimeters. It takes a significant amount of expertise, experience, and precision to work with the eyelids and eye area. Choosing an oculofacial plastic surgeon like Dr. Amiya Prasad, who is considered by many to be one of the best eyelid surgeons practicing in Manhattan and Garden City, Long Island, ensures expert hands working in such a delicate area for under eye bags, hooded eyes, or drooping upper eyelids. Under eye bags are a common genetic problem that affects all ages, and is an issue Dr. Amiya Prasad treats daily for patients in his practice. Take the next step and contact our offices to learn more and schedule your consultation.

Our Expertise

  • Eyelid Surgeries

Dr. Amiya Prasad is a Cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He specializes in facial cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery for the eyes and eyelids, and revision and reconstructive surgery for eyes and face. Dr. Prasad is also an ophthalmologist as it a prerequisite of oculofacial/oculoplastic surgery training, so his work ensures both healthy and beautiful looking eyes.

  • Puffy Eyes Treatments

When puffy eyes are slight, you may consider non-surgical cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers and laser therapy. More prominent puffiness and bags under the eyes require surgical treatment, which is conveniently and comfortably done within Dr. Prasad’s accredited operating facilities within his office.

  • Complex Procedures

The eye is a very delicate and complex structure that requires the skills of an eye/eyelid specialist. Many general plastic surgeons often have problems with the eye because of limited training and experience with eye anatomy and more complex surgical techniques. Given the small spaces and the fact the eyelid surgery is measured in millimeters, precision is another important skill in eyelid surgery.

Why Eyelid Surgery?

You may have tried creams, lotions, and other non-invasive treatments, and maybe even injections to avoid eyelid surgery, yet the results boasted in ads and infomercials haven’t lived up to their promise. You may be weighing the pros and cons of getting eyelid surgery to fix your problem. With the internet, more consumers are able to voice their opinions about topical creams that cannot possibly melt the fat beneath the skin that causes eye bags.

With instant access to information and research, people can share their own experiences with solutions that worked for them, including eyelid surgery. To gain a better understanding of eyelid surgery and to see if it’s the right choice for you, we’ve provided important information to help you in your decision.

before and after upper eyelid blepharoplasty
before and after upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty

Certified Facilities

As an Oculofacial plastic surgeon performing specialized eyelid surgery for more than 20 years, Amiya Prasad, M.D. is best qualified to deliver optimal results in his state-of-the-art, certified operating facilities. Dr. Prasad’s reputation for attentive one-to-one patient care and his artistic approach to eyelid surgery has distinguished himself as one of the best cosmetic surgeons for eyes in Manhattan and Long Island, with clients coming to see him from around the world. More about this here.