LashDip For Eyelashes

Semi-Permanent Mascara for Perfect Eyelashes

Lashdip For Eyelashes Before and After results

LashDip Before and After semipermanent mascara

LashDip is an innovative semi-permanent mascara application that delivers lush, full, dark, long lashes. This is more than your average eyelash color formula – it goes beyond even the most perfect application of mascara to provide color and enhancement that won’t run or smudge, from when you wake up in the morning, until you go to bed at night. Regular mascaras and lash extensions are temporary, time-consuming appliances, but with LashDip, you won’t have to worry about retouching. It’s the future of lash enhancement and is safe for your natural lashes, and is a pharmaceutical grade, hypoallergenic product.

How Does LashDip Work?

Unlike regular mascaras that use oils and waxes to thicken and define eyelashes, LashDip is a “tubing” type of mascara which makes use of flexible polymers. In a process called ”dipping”, these flexible polymers dry into a film which completely covers each eyelash hair follicle 360 degrees around. The mascara is then cold air-cured which allows it to last for up to six weeks.

The LashDip Effect

LashDip is “buildable”, meaning the more mascara is brushed onto the eyelashes, the thicker and longer it becomes because the “tube” that surrounds the hairs builds upwards and outwards, much like the way an icicle forms. Forget smearing, running, clumping, flaking, application difficulty, sensitivity, not to mention the inconvenient time factor involved in daily application and re-application. It’s also perfect for  women who enjoy outdoor activities or going to the gym, as LashDip is waterproof and sweat-proof . 

Professional LashDip Application in New York

Lashdip For Eyelashes Before and After

Our beauty professionals are properly trained and technically equipped to safely and effectively apply LashDip to your eyelashes, and will advise you on proper maintenance and care to achieve best, long-lasting results.

Application usually takes an hour at the most and results typically last anywhere from four to six weeks. At two to three weeks, we recommend a follow-up visit with our technicians for a “LashRefresh” appointment to help extend the life of LashDip during each treatment period.

LashDip can also be combined safely with lash growth products (such as LATISSE) and lash extensions for the ultimate eyelash enhancement — just ask our specialists. We offer LashDip application services at Dr. Amiya Prasad’s office locations in Upper East Side Manhattan and Garden City, New York.