Eye Bag Surgery with Fast Recovery

Early in his career (over 20 years ago), board-certified Dr. Amiya Prasad innovated a system for eye bag removal surgery with attention to natural-looking results with quick recovery for busy people. Since then, he has helped patients from New York, the United States, and throughout the world coming for eye bag removal. Successful surgery is marked by patients being back on their feet fast, and having friends and family commenting how you look well-rested and vibrant – not suspecting that you had plastic surgery.

The Art of Lower Eyelid Surgery

As with all procedures he performs, Dr. Prasad applies his artistic style to lower eyelid surgery . Your eyes affect how people interpret your mood. Bags under the eyes make your face look tired, sad, and older. Addressing eye bags can truly change your outlook.

Eye bag surgery by New York City-based oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Prasad creates a natural look, as if the bags were never there. Your eyes will exude more vibrance, warmth, and energy. Much of the fat is removed to eliminate the look of puffy eyes, and some of the fat is sculpted to create a natural-looking contour. This is done to prevent a look of hollowness which can make eyes look as tired and fatigued as eye bags.

eye bag surgery recovery before and after

Eye bags are most often genetic, which explains why they are common in young people. With the transconjunctival blepharoplasty approach, it appears as if the bags were never there, even from up close.

Duration of Eye Bags Surgery

Dr. Prasad is a highly experienced (over 20 years in practice) super-specialist in this area. He has created systems to ensure thorough extraction of the fat that causes puffy eye bags, along with an artistic touch to sculpt fat for a natural look and contour of the lower eyelids. These systems also ensure no unnecessary removal of eyelid skin done, and the anatomic support system of the lower eyelids are preserved.

The entire surgical procedure is done in is his private Joint Commission-certified operating facilities located within his office for increased patient comfort. The whole process of lower eyelid blepharoplasty can be performed in about 1 hour. Patients often remark how if they knew that eye bag removal surgery was so “easy” for them, they would have had the procedure done much sooner.

Local Anesthesia with sedation – the Difference in Fast Recovery

A long recovery process often associated with cosmetic procedure is frequently seen with general anesthesia, and not the surgery itself. After general anesthesia, it’s not uncommon for people to experience nausea, vomiting, and a long period of fatigue. Dr. Prasad first observed this as a surgeon in training, where he was observed lower eyelid surgery being performed with general anesthesia.

As a trained eye surgeon who performed delicate surgery inside the eye with local anesthesia, he formulated his own ideas on how to perform lower eyelid surgery with patient safety, comfort and recovery in mind.

before and 1 week after eye bag surgery recovery

Eye bags removed through a transconjunctival blepharoplasty (no external incision) and performed under local anesthesia with LITE® sedation. No trace of post-operative bruising one week after surgery.

When Dr. Prasad went into practice on his own, he developed methods using local anesthesia for eyelid surgery to make recovery time faster, and make cosmetic surgery more convenient, comfortable, and safer for his patients. His approach was met with resistance from competitors but was greatly appreciated by his patients.

He was featured on several television programs performing under eye surgery without general anesthesia. After decades of performing successful upper and lower eyelid surgery with local anesthesia, there is no question that his system is a success. Now, people leading busy lives who can’t afford long downtime, or want to avoid the side effects associated with general anesthesia, seek Dr. Prasad for his expertise

Local Anesthesia with Dr. Prasad’s Own LITE® IV Sedation

Dr. Prasad trademarked his own LITE® IV sedation used to relax his patients and keep them semi-conscious when using local anesthesia for eyelid surgery. Having the surgical procedure with local anesthesia and LITE® sedation, you are completely relaxed during surgery. You can also be awakened to actively move your eyes and eyelids if necessary for the final assessment of the surgical results.

Local anesthesia with LITE® sedation stands for “Local”, “Intravenous” “Tumescent” and “Ease of recovery”. Dr. Prasad formulated local anesthesia with LITE® IV as a customized version of Dr. Jeff Klein’s tumescent anesthesia, which was first used in the early 1990s to avoid the risks of general anesthesia used in liposuction.

Eye Bag Surgery Recovery Time

Dr. Prasad’s patients recover from eye bag surgery and normally return to work within a week. Some bruising can be present after 1 week. Temporary swelling from surgical healing is minimal but can be present for weeks to months.

Most patients are able to return to their normal activities within a week after surgery. For some people, the wearing of tinted glasses or makeup can camouflage any limited bruising. Typically there is no bruising by the end of the second week after surgery. As far as wearing contact lenses, patients can wear contact lenses after about a week.

before surgery and 1 week after eye bag removal surgery recovery on patient with dark skin

Dr. Prasad’s quick recovery method even works on dark skin types, which is more prone to post-surgery scarring and pigmentation