Virtual Pre-Consultation

    If you have puffy eye bags that are constant (not due to seasonal allergies), and are unsure of your treatment options, you can send us your pictures for a preliminary evaluation. We can review your concern, and get back to you with guidance for treatment. Virtual Pre-Consultation is a preliminary evaluation only, and does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship, or a formal consultation.

    If you would like to schedule a one-on-one, in-person consultation with Dr. Prasad, or a Skype video consultation with Dr. Prasad, click here.. The consultation fee is deducted from your treatment/procedure cost.

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    Puffy eye bagsHollowness in lower eyelids/ tear troughsDiscoloration in lower eyes/ dark circlesUnder eye wrinklesRevision eye bag surgery

    We also offer expert, comprehensive treatment for:

    Hooded upper eyelidsDrooping upper eyelid(s)Ptosis correctionGrowth/nodule/lesion in eye areaThyroid eye disease/Graves’ diseaseScleral showOther (please indicate)

    Repair of previous eyelid surgery (please specify original surgery)


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    Photos provide a clearer explanation of your eye area issues, but do not take the place of a physical examination/ formal consultation.

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    While every effort is made to keep your information confidential, the internet and email communication are inherently subject to breaches of privacy. Our privacy statement is viewable before your details listed here are submitted

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    Disclaimer and Privacy Statement

    Your submitted information and images, as well as all subsequent correspondence do not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Virtual consultation is meant for preliminary evaluation, inquiry, and appointment scheduling only. Virtual consultation is not a substitute for an in-person, in-office physical examination by the doctor(s) or any medical personnel. A formal consultation can be scheduled after the submission of your information, by contact through phone, or through correspondence. A formal consultation only takes place only within our offices with a physical exam by the doctor(s), or through a one-on-one video consultation through Skype.

    Your information and submitted photos will be used for your personal medical file only, and will not be used or sold for any promotional purposes, including our own websites, videos, or any third party. Given that the internet and email have potential security issues, we are not liable for any breach that gives an unauthorized party access to your information and images.

    Prospective patients must disclose any medical information from previous consultations or diagnoses from other physicians. Any withheld information on current or past medical conditions that may affect our prescribed treatments and procedures frees Prasad Cosmetic Surgery from any liability.

    Should you choose to become a Prasad Cosmetic Surgery patient, the treatment does not claim to universally benefit all patients, and treatment results will vary among individual patients. No guarantees of effectiveness are claimed or promised by Prasad Cosmetic Surgery.