A description of attractive looking eyes where the outer corners of the eyes are higher than the inner corners.

The surgical procedure of placing an implant to restore volume after the loss of an eye.

artificial eye illustration

A type of cosmetic eyelid surgery where the eyelids are reshaped to create a crease for patients with mono-eyelids or to increase a patient’s original fold on the upper eyelid or to correct asymmetrical folds.

before Asian eyelid surgery


After Asian eyelid surgery


A procedure that corrects defects as well as deformities of the eyelids. It is also a procedure for cosmetic problems that involves removal, excision and repositioning of skin, muscle, fat and tendon tissues of the eyelids.

before blepharoplasty surgery


after blepharoplasty surgery


This procedure cosmetically corrects sagging eyebrows that are usually caused by natural aging process

A procedure that transfers donor hair from the scalp to the areas of the eyebrow that have no hair due to genetics, alopecia, trauma and disease.

eyebrow transplant

after eyebrow transplant

A procedure that transfers donor hairs from the scalp to the areas of the eyelash that have no hair due to genetics, alopecia, trauma and disease.

eyelash transplant nyc

after eyelash transplant

A quick healing combination of local anesthesia, surgical technique, and healing methods in eyelid surgery that delivers a natural, well-rested and youthful appearance to the eyes with minimum downtime.

before upper eyelid surgery


after upper eyelid surgery


Improves the appearance of the lower eyelids and rejuvenates the surrounding area of the eyes by removing and sculpting herniated fat in the lower eyelids.

eye bags anatomy

removed fat pockets illustration

Highly specialized surgical procedures to repair or compensate for the muscles responsible for raising and lowering the eyelids that are affected by congenital origins or trauma. Procedures include levator muscle advancement, levator muscle dehiscence, levator muscle attenuation, and the frontalis sling.

before ptosis surgery


after ptosis surgery


Specially designed implants used to correct a condition known as tear trough deformity and/or a permanent solution for hollowness under the eyes.

tear gland and tear duct

Procedure performed on adult men and women who want to improve their upper eyelids and surrounding area.

upper blepharoplasty illustration

eyelid health diagram and checklist