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Cosmetic Eyelift Surgeries

As an oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Amiya Prasad has a keen awareness of the different concerns people may have with how cosmetic eye surgeries may affect their skin. Many of these concerns often have to do with race, gender, and skin type.

Some examples include: Asian patients who seek naturally appearing eyelid folds may worry about looking too “Europeanized”; male patients may worry about their eyes looking too feminine after blepharoplasty surgeries; patients with darker skin color may also worry about the formation of keloids (raised scars) after the procedure, or may worry about permanent pigmentation changes in their skin.

With decades of experience of eyelid surgery among different ethnicities, Dr. Prasad anticipates these concerns, so he developed methods and techniques to avoid these classic mistakes that even some of the best surgeons can make.

Contact Dr. Amiya Prasad to discuss your facial cosmetic surgery options or to inquire about any additional information you need about the services offered at his New York City and Long Island offices. Our staff will be happy to assist you with hotel accommodations and travel arrangements in New York City or Garden City, New York if needed. Please note, that we have several members of our staff who are fluent in Spanish should this be desired.

Cosmetic eye lift surgery by Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad is not a “one-shape-suits-all” procedure. His approach to cosmetic eye lift surgery is as diverse as his patients, with surgical decisions influenced by the patient’s age, genetic predispositions, gender, race, health condition, and personal preferences.

In addition to the individual variations in people, it is important to note that some may want a certain look that is not inherent to their particular background, but they still find desirable. For example, some women find the most desirable eye shape to be an almond-shaped eye because of its exotic appearance, but this feature is not for everyone.

The end result of the cosmetic eye lift surgery procedure by Dr. Prasad is the consensus between him and the patient of what will look best for an individual’s face.

Special Considerations for Ethnic Eyelid Surgery