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Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients "for all the ways you give and care, and make such a difference, thank you" Patient Reviews "It was much appreciated the amazing job that you did to me"
Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients "You have made an everlasting impression on me by enhancing my confidence. I forever owe you gratitude" Patient Reviews "“I still can’t believe it. When I look in the mirror I never have that tired look anymore”"
Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients “Thank you thank you so much for doing my surgery for me” Patient Reviews "Your staffs are very caring and efficient and that is very commendable in this day and age”
Patient Reviews “I’m just thrilled with the results and I’m not healed fully" Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients "A note to thank you for your kindness"

Note: In some states in the USA (i.e., New York, Illinois, Texas) testimonial advertising is not allowed in medicine. If you live in a jurisdiction which does not allow testimonial advertising in medicine, please skip this Puffy Eyes Testimonials section.

Amazing Experience
Dr. Prasad removed my under eye bags 2 years ago. Super happy with the results :). Last week my sister had the same procedure done by him. Great skills, pleasant personality! I wish I did it 20 years ago. Highly recommended!



Eye bags treatment before and after photo submitted by patient

The One with the Beautiful Eyes
I went in for a transconjuctival blepharoplasty in April with Dr. Prasad. The procedure was painless.My results have been astonishing ,after 6 days my eyes looked amazing. Dr. Prasad’s technique with prp injections left me with no bruising at all. The staff was amazing and attentive.Dr. Prasad made me feel comfortable when choosing a cosmetic surgeon to work on my eyes, he left the floor open for me to address any concerns and treated me as though I mattered not just another face coming in for a procedure. I have a new found confidence going forward. Dr. Prasad changed my life. Having huge bags under your eyes can cause major insecurities with questions ranging from Have I been hit in my eyes to I need more sleep. My face looks amazing. Thank you Dr. Prasad!


eye bag surgery reviews before and after 1 month photo submitted by patient

Great doctor! The staffs are very friendly, the clinic is very clean and the result of the surgery also came out very natural like how I expected. My tired eyes was refreshed😍. I am very satisfied and would recommend Dr. Amiya Prasad clinic!


Dr. Prasad is excellent! My sister and I both had a blepharoplasty performed by him and we are extremely satisfied. He was patient and made sure to address our concerns. 10 stars from me!

Y. V.

Very happy with the results of my procedure, really restored my confidence. I am so comfortable with my appearance. If you’re thinking about this doctor, do not hesitate!! He is one of the best.

Y. B.

Dr. Prasad & his staff are amazing!!! They made me feel so at ease & comfortable. I heard Dr. Prasad was the best surgeon (especially for my eyes), and it is true! I can’t believe the difference it has made. I don’t have to look in the mirror feeling sad or embarrassed anymore. He truly gave me a fresh start!

B. G.

I originally went to Dr. Prasad because I needed under eye filler & many doc/derma wouldn’t do it because my crevices were so deep! Not only did Dr. Prasad do an amazing job on my under eyes but also my temples. Two years later my eyes are still looking full!! I couldn’t be happier w the results. He’s very patient & easy to talk to. Love his YouTube vids they are so educational. Highly Recommended Dr. Prasad to anyone needing cosmetic filler or work!

P. O.

Excellent experience! Dr. Prasad is phenomenal.

M. F.

Every experience with Dr. Prasad and his staff has been very positive. Everyone in his beautiful office is warm and welcoming, and all make efforts to put you at ease. Dr. Prasad is a consummate professional, in his manner, his advice and the results of his work! Among other things, I’m grateful to him for my new, younger-looking eyes!

K. B.

Extremely pleased with the outcome of my eyelid surgery. I regained my confidence! The staff is wonderful as well. If you’re interested in eyelid surgery , look no further than Dr. Prasad.

Y. D.

Dr. Prasad was great throughout the whole process, Along side of Dora and Jennifer assisting. I Appreciate You Guys!

I. O.

My experience with Dr. Prasad was fantastic. He takes the time to speak with you and go over details of what you want and what he feels would work. He’s compassionate and takes his time. His staff is great and takes the time to make you feel comfortable.

-M. F.

If you have bags around your eyes and want to have them removed. Dr. Prasad is your Dr.

-M. M.

I had a procedure performed by Dr. Prasad and have to say Dr. Prasad is a talented and skilled surgeon. He doesn’t over sell and is realistic about what is possible to achieve. He’s thorough during your consultation and delivers natural results.

-J. L.

The staff and Dr.Prasad were very informative and made me feel comfortable. I am so happy with the outcome of my eyebags surgery.

-I. G.

Dr. Prasad is great. He knows what he’s doing. My eyebags removal operation went smoothly


Dr Prasad was very patient and ready to answer all the questions I had about my eye bags. The surgery went well and now my puffy eyebags are gone. Excellent care and detailed examination.

-E. E.

I believe I chose one of the BEST. Dr. Prasad is a true professional. He helped me to believe I was in the best of hands. I was handled with extremely care and concern the moment I walked into the office. Right now I am in the recovery stage and must admit I am happy I chose Dr. Prada’s


Excellent attention to detail. Friendly and professional staff.

-G. S.

The entire procedure exceeded all expectations. The staff was very well versed. Dr Prasad is nothing short of a miracle worker. From pillar to post everything was explained.

-A. S.

Master at His Craft!
Dr. Prasad is AMAZING!
I went in to meet with Dr. Prasad to address a hereditary matter with my eyes (prone to puffiness, beginning stages of eyes bags). After extensive research not only on the various ways in which I thought I could correct what I was beginning to see, but also the doctors best equipped to provide me with the results I was seeking – I discovered Dr. Prasad.
Leading up to my appointment, I read consistent favorable reviews about Dr. Prasad, logged onto his Youtube channel (excellent educational vehicle for patients) and researched (as mentioned prior) the options I thought I’d be a good candidate for to discuss with him.
Now this was where I knew I chose wisely – at my consultation, I was clear in letting Dr. Prasad know what my goals were and quickly inquired about a process/procedure I thought was best aligned to the results I sought. As I was communicating my concerns and goals, I found Dr. Prasad to be patient as well as attentive. What I also took pleasure in, was that Dr. Prasad was great at educating me as to why the option I thought would be best, in fact wasn’t. He then proceeded with explaining the options I had available, the benefits (both near/long term) of pursuing each and expectations around final results.
Given that much of my time has been committed for the year, I opted for a filler which he strategically placed to better mask my eye concerns and in addition, also addressed some of the volume loss in my left cheek (which wasn’t quite symmetrical with my right side); resulting in an overall refreshed looking face!

He’s a master at his craft and HIGHLY recommended!


I went to see Dr Prasad to see what could be done about my eye bags. I ultimately went for a surgical procedure to remove them. Dr Prasad provided great, professional care throughout the entire process.

-R. W.

Well knowledgeable, Dr Prasad took plenty of time to explain the procedure and set expectations.

-A. K.

A very honest and considering doctor.

-H. K.

Dr. Prasad and staff are friendly, efficient and have delivered me reasonable results, just as promised.

-J. G.

I Wish I Went to Dr. Prasad FIRST!!
I went to Dr. Prasad for a consultation in regard to having filler removed, in my tear troughs, administered by another doctor. All I can say is that it was phenomenal!! Dr. Prasad educated me and gave me CHOICES. No hard sell here! His professionalism was outstanding and he put me at ease. Dr. Prasad’s staff was extremely warm and welcoming. My only regret is that I didn’t see Dr. Prasad FIRST for my tear trough injections. I WILL be returning!!


Excellent support staff nurse front desk i had my procedure because of my experience in consultation with the nurse she understood my needs excellent!

-P. L.

My experience with Dr. Prasad and his staff during the whole process was impeccable. Very pleased with the professionalism.

-E. C.

Excellent 100% Satisfactorily
I felt very satisfied with the consultation, procedure, and aftercare. Everything was explained clearly and without pressure. I felt like Dr. Prasad was honest about the results and didn’t promise something unrealistic. He also came in on a Saturday after a minor complication to resolve the issue. I really felt like he made every attempt to ensure that I was healthy and happy with my procedure.


They acted very professional and friendly.
I had under eye bag treatment. The procedure took about an hour on Monday. By Friday I was actually able to go back to work. His approach does allow quick recovery, and no under eye bags no more. Thanks.


Very good results
Friendly staff, outstanding work on the procedure,, my bags are gone gone gone!!!! experience was A+++ Healed up quickly and back to work within 3 days!!! Prasad is top notch!!!!See you next time 🙂


Dr. Prasad and his staff makes what should be a very nerve wrecking experience a nice and pleasant one. They are patient and detailed in the explanation of the procedure and what to expect. Each visit is always a great experience.

Thank you Dr. Prasad and staff. I will be a patient for life now
I came to see Dr. Prasad to fix a problem with a filling for the under eyes that was done overseas. I ended up with extremely puffy eyes from the injections. I came in and Dr. Prasad took care of it right away. Problem is gone, after only one week. He is very knowledgeable and caring, and I am extremely happy I came to see him. His staff is also very nice and I highly recommend him.


Congenital ptosis
Dr. Prasad preformed revisional ptosis surgery on my daughter who was born with congenital ptosis. She had two previous surgeries performed at Wills Eye hospital with disappointing results.. We were very confident with Dr. Prasad after our initial consultation but we’re still worried that the surgery wouldn’t have corrected her issue to the extent that we hoped for. We are 6 months out after surgery and her eyes are perfectly aligned! Dr Prasad in my opinion is perfection!! He and his staff are so understanding and welcoming. I live in Delaware and will still come to Dr. Prasad for all of my daughter’s future needs. In my opinion there is no better surgeon!!

Lower Blepharoplasty -Great plastic Surgeon
Dr. Prasad is an amazing Doctor! He has significantly impacted my life by performing lower blepharoplasty. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I get so many compliments and no one knows why I look better except my husband and myself. I told everyone I was having hemorroids removed; I just didn’t say that they were UNDER my two eyes! I would recommend Dr. Prasad highly to anyone considering this surgery. Your eyes are extremely crucial and Dr. Prasad is not only a Plastic Surgeon but he is an Eye Specialist. I wouldn’t want anyone less qualified to perform this surgery on me or a loved one! He answered all of my questions before and after my procedure. I am happier than I can ever recall. I have had those awful bags all of my life and POOF they are GONE, FOREVER… Dr. Prasad has also the most professional people working with and for him. What a great job they do, and why wouldn’t they with a considerate Boss! So, there you have it… I hope anyone considering this procedure feels at ease… YOU will LOVE IT!! Thank you guys, life changing!!!

-Rose M.E

Great result, eyebags removal.
Dr. Prasad is very clear and precise. He explained every detail and set up my expectations from beginning to end. He is very reachable to answer any questions I might have in between appointments. Overall, I am very happy with my results.


47 Years Old Women, Upper and Lower Eye Bags Removal
Dr. Prasad and his whole team are fantastic, knowledgeable, thorough and kind through and through. It’s so clear how driven they are by patient satisfaction, because as excited as I am for the awesome results I’ve had they’ve been just as excited, as if they experienced the results themselves. I’m so, so glad I contacted Dr. Prasad. I’ve only had great experiences with him and his practice, and I’d highly recommend anyone who’s considering it to go to them first. I can’t imagine a more positive experience or better results!


50+ YO Male, Bilateral Transconjunctival Approach Lower Bleph, W/ CO@ Laser of Eyelids and PRP
I have been bothered for the past 8-10 years by the bags and wrinkles under my eyes. I used to think that my eyes were my best feature but had gotten to the point where I hated even looking in the mirror or taking photos as every time I would look at my face, my eyes would be drawn to the bags. I had consults with several surgeons but decided on Dr. Amiya Prasad in Garden City, New York. I was very impressed with his credentials and experience, along with his facilities and staff. He is a highly skilled and trained specialist, an occuloplastic surgeon with a specialty in eye surgeries, revisions of bad surgeries, nd reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Prasad exudes confidence without an ounce of arrogance. He is exactly what I needed as during my research, I had read and seen photos of many horror stories and bad surgeries. It is very scary to decide on an elective procedure that, if screwed up could leave you looking like a completely different person. I actually almost decided to back out of the surgery several times. In the end, Dr. Prasad’s calming presence, and obvious skill and experience won me over. I had read somewhere that for lower bleph surgery, you should be happy if you get 50-70% of what you desire with respect to satisfaction. Due to horror stories of retraction (although much less common in transconjunctival approach blepharoplasties) and after surgery hollowness, I asked Dr. Prasad to take a conservative approach. As such, I would have been very happy if I achieved a 50% reduction/resolution of my bags, along with no complications). I am almost three weeks post-op and I must say that Dr. Prasad completely exceeded my expectations. He knocked it out of the park and it appears that he achieved 100% resolution. My eyes still look like mine and the bags are completely gone. I could not be happier that I went through with this and that I chose Dr. Prasad as my surgeon. As late as the day of the surgery, I was terrified that I would end up being a statistic, but I put my trust in a terrific doctor and it turned out terrific. I highly recommend Dr. Prasad for any procedure for your eyes, My guess is that he’s not the type of person or doctor who would perform any procedure without being sure that he’s capable of achieving excellent patient satisfaction. That’s just the type of person he is. However, my experience was only with this one procedure and that’s all I will speak to. Good luck to all.


Dr Prasad is a Gentleman, Genius and a Pioneer! Eye Bags Removal – New York
My results have been amazing and my experience with the whole staff including Linda and Ania. ‘I would rather be under someone who loves what they do aside from someone who has to be there and Dr Prasad is a Gentleman genius and a pioneer! His website is informational and honest and to the point, it doesn’t get any better!!


37 Years Old Male- Puffy Eyes Removal
Could not have been more pleased with my entire experience from consult to completion. One week post Bleph and the results are remarkable. (37yo male whose under eye darkening and puffiness wasn’t as pronounced as most bleph candidates but enought that it bothered me and people would comment that I looked tired on occasion). I encourage you to take a proactive approach to this as you will only delay the inevitable. You will be thrilled. Surgeon selection is crucial as this is your face -visible to the world. Dr. Prasad performs these as often as any surgeon that I know of -I did my homework prior selecting him. His entire team is great. The recovery was surprisingly uneventful. Zero pain or even mild discomfort. Swelling and black and blue around the eyes that resolved itself within 6 days. I am a quick healer but still needed a week off from work.


Dr. Prasad performed lower blepharoplasty surgery on both my eyes and I could not be happier with the results. Despite being in my 30’s, I formerly had bulging, herniated fat pads under my eyes accompanied by unflattering tired-looking dark circles. Thankfully, Dr. Prasad corrected both problems and now not only are my bulges completely smoothed out, but the dark circles are virtually gone, leaving my eyes looking more youthful and refreshed. From my first appointment with Dr. Prasad and his staff they lived up to all the positive reviews I had previously read. He was very patient and cheerful, taking his time to look at my eyes, answering all my questions, and addressing all my concerns. Most importantly, he listened to what I wanted done and suggested what he thought I needed, no more no less. Needless to say, I was very appreciative of that. His staffs are also friendly, knowledgeable, accessible, and efficient in every way. Clearly, Dr. Prasad has many years of experience and a keen eye for precision. I would not hesitate to return to him for any future procedures. THANK YOU Dr. Prasad!!!

Puffy eyes surgery
My outcome was fantastic and exactly what I had hoped for. I returned to work and everyone though I looked great, refreshed and relaxed. Suffice to say, I found a wonderful surgeon. Thanks to Dr Prasad and his staff

I am a 43 year old female with dark circles under my eyes and puffyness. I came into the office for my consultation and from the minute I walked in the staff was so welcoming. When I met with Dr. Prasad he took his time with me and made sure to answer all my questions and concerns. I had my procedure done and my results are amazing and I could not be more happy with the way everything came out.

-K. N.

Eyelid Surgery, Puffy Eyes
I am thrilled with the results of my eyelid surgery to remove the puffy look I had. Dr. Prasad is a wonderful and gentle plastic surgeon. I was referred to him by a friend who had her eye bags removed by him. I would trust him to perform any plastic surgery without any hesitation. His entire practice is run with great profession!


Dear Dr. Prasad,

Thank you for your attentive care today. I am very pleased with the results and wanted to write and tell you (not Goldie Hawn and “pretty pretty good” as HBO’s Larry David would say!). In addition, I am most impressed with your wonderful staff, both in Garden City and Manhattan. You truly have created a “family” atmosphere. So much like my dear former surgeon did over the thirty years I knew him.

I want to thank you too, for your kind words when I told you how much I miss him. In the short time I have known you, Dr. Prasad, I feel that you are very much like him. I must say I am lucky to have found you, thanks to your most generous contribution to the “goody bags” at the Petrouska Ball this year.

Until next time, with warmest wishes,


Dear Dr. Prasad

[My husband] and I are here in Florida and looking at a new me everyday.

I must tell you that I am very happy and I know you told me it will take at least six months to see the overall outcome. Well, I feel great now , just some numbness and redness , but I’ll take it!!!! I do intend to come see you when we return from Florida. Please send our best to your staff and wish all a Happy and Healthy New Year!!! Looking forward to your Email.

-Maria (69 years old Eyelift and facelift patient)

Dear Dr. Prasad,

A thousand thanks to you for doing such an amazing job on my surgery. Although it was not a decision I made lightly, I knew from the get-go that it was to you whom I was going to entrust my face. (In fact, I am confident that if the lady on the front of this card were alive today, she would choose you!)

I have complete confidence in your talent and abilities and your passion for achieving natural results is a beautiful thing. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome.

The fabulous, caring team you have recruited is also wonderful to work with.

P.S. Thanks for giving me a copy of your fabulous new book. It’s on display in my makeup studio, where I’m certain it’s going to start some interesting conversations!

P.P.S, Being a Beatles fan doesn’t hurt either!

-Most Sincerely – Michelle G.

Dear Dr. Prasad & Sudha,

Thank you. Simply, thank you- your time, energy, and the gift of your golden hands will not go unnoticed- I pray the world will see my beautiful results so I can share my secret… you! I have truly been blessed, as an employee and as your model – a win, win situation.

Please take this token of my appreciation; for you and your wife, who give so selflessly, and enjoy some great time for the two of you.

Until next time, with warmest wishes,

Thank you again,

-Love, Barbara.

Dear Dr. Prasad + Staff,

Thank you for taking good care of me. I appreciate what you have done!

Thanks again

-Constantino C. + Sharzad, 5-17-10

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your hospitality when we were at your office. We had a great time getting to know you.
You went out of your way to make us feel comfortable about everything and letting us ask a hundred questions.
Beth and I hope to see you again in the near future. You are working for an exceptional doctor who really cares about his patients which seems to be a rare things these days.

Dr. Prasad is very “undoctor”-like and that’s what makes him appealing — along with his great work of course.

Have a great week and thanks again for all your kindness.

-Will – Patient, late 40’s, Male Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery performed by Dr. Amiya Prasad

Note: In some states in the USA (i.e., New York, Illinois, Texas) testimonial advertising is not allowed in medicine. If you live in a jurisdiction which does not allow testimonial advertising in medicine, please skip this Puffy Eyes Testimonials section.

Best Remedy if You’re Looking Sleepy When Well Rested
I truly believe Dr. Prasad loves his work and it shows in every interaction. He was attentive, interested, and interesting as was his staffs. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


Excellent Results, Painless Surgery, Amazing Doctor!
Dr Amiya Prasad is a highly skilled surgeon. I found him on YouTube via his channel and chose to have him perform an upper and lower eyelid surgery to remove the bags. My puffy eyes are now non-existent. Thank you

Rejuvenated Look After Eyebag Surgery, Results Look Very Natural
Dr Prasad performed a lower eyelid surgery on me two months ago to remove the eye bags that were bothering me for some time. I looked stressed and sick all the time before the surgery, not anymore. Everything went as smooth as possible, the results look natural. I would recommend Dr Prasad for his level of expertise and professionalism.


52 Year Old Woman- Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery, Dr Prasad Gave Me my Look Back
About 10 years ago, eye bags started to appear on my lower eyelids and my upper eyelids skin started to drop. I hated the tired and sick look it gave me so I decided to finally have the surgery done. I found Dr Prasad and felt comfortable to have him do the surgery on me. I finally have my look back! I had the procedure done at his midtown location, friendly staff and the waiting time was about 15 minutes. Highly Recommended


44 Yrs Old, 3 Children
Dr. Prasad is very pleasant. He made me feel at ease and was very open to address any concerns or questions I had. His office is very comfortable and puts you in the mind of a spa. The staffs are excellent and make sure you have what you need and are comfortable. I can’t say enough good things. Dr. Prasad should definitely be considered if you want an experienced, professional, doctor with great bedside manners. His services were worth every penny.


Lower Eye bags
Review: For my Birthday, I decided to have the eye bags removal surgery. Before the surgery, my eyes were puffy, i looked sick and always tired. After seeing Dr Prasad videos, I decided to go with him. I am really satisfied with the results, the bags were removed internally so no sign of scars on the external eyelid. Thank You!!!

Happy after my Asian eyelid surgery
Love my new creases! being of Asian descent, I did not have a fold on my eyelids. I was looking to have the double eyelid surgery done awhile ago , I found Dr Amiya Prasad and decided to drive from Philly for a consultation. I Did the surgery the following week , now three months later, I am happy with the result, I look like I didn’t have anything done, Highly recommended.

45 Years Old, Eye Bags Surgery Gave Me my Look Back
Dr Prasad is really an expert when it comes to Eye related surgeries. I found him through his YouTube videos and went for a consultation in his midtown office in New York. The staff was welcoming and he took the time to explain how the surgery and the recovery was going to be. Will visit again


Getting my Lower eye surgery performed Dr. Prasad was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. My Mom had her procedure done by him and the results were fireworks, so I knew I was in good hands when I decided to have my lower eye surgery done by Dr Prasad. I was initially hesitate due to the fact that other surgeons I had met with prior told me I did not qualify for this surgery because my eyes were too prominent but that did not stop me from still looking for the right surgeon . I finally consulted with Dr Prasad, I was truly confident I would also get the best result as my mom did. I had my lower eye surgery performed and I am so in love with the results I always look forward to waking up in the morning just to look at my face in the mirror without seeing the eye bags and all thanks goes to Dr Prasad and his amazing staff for bringing back my self-confidence. I will highly recommend Dr Prasad to my family and friends.

At 38 years old I am often told I look 28! Seven years ago I had lower eyelid blepharoplasty and it’s been the best decision I could’ve ever made! Dr. Prasad earned my trust and I would never trust my face to anyone else! He is amazing!!!


An Amazing Experience!
The most positive experience a patient can expect! Due to hereditary factors, I had excessive bags under my eyes, which, combined with dark circles, made me look 10 years older (my age is 34). The entire surgery lasted for about two and half hours. Dr. Prasad used light semi sedation to make the incision from the inside of eyelid, to avoid the scarring. The entire post-surgery recovery period lasted for about 7 days. My face is fresh and radiant looking and I feel so much better!

-Ivana A.

Lower Bleph
Great experience – Dr Prasad and his staff were so helpful, comforting and friendly.
I had intial bruising and swelling but by Day 3 I was out and about wearing sunglasses and went to a party Saturday night with reading glasses no one knew I had surgery! I would recommend Dr Prasad he is the best at what he does and very honest ( I asked to have another procedure done and he said I didn’t need it my skin was healthy and youthful and I should wait)- Thank you Dr Prasad


Happy With Result
Dr. Prasad is truly a gifted surgeon – His skill, precision, and perfection is an ART! I am extremely pleased and will recommend him in the future. P.S. The staff is tops! Nicole and Ania were always pleasant and answered all questions – Also Jeff (the nurse) and Dora. They were the Best for everything and so gentle in removing my stitches!!!


Sleepy No More
I was motivated to get this surgery after a few years of the puffiness under my eyes getting worse. I’m a 35 year old single guy and NYC and I’ve become a bit of a homebody over the years (and in one of the greatest cities in the world that I”m lucky enough to live and work in) because I just look tired all the time. I don’t feel very confident.

I’ve considered this surgery for about 6 months.

My goal after surgery is to get out to more social and volunteer settings


I Loved My Results
I had my lower eyelid bags removed. Dr. Amiya Prasad did an amazing job cause they look so natural.